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Resonance was born in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, where its founders were given a sacred space to dive deep into the world of creativity combined with spirituality. Inspired by the ever-changing terrain of high fashion mixed with its surrounding of natural beauty, the desire to bring fine jewelry for everyday wear to everyday people became an obsession.


At last it surfaced, Resonance, a fine jewelry line, just for you, to indulge. Who said you should only dress for special occasions? We say, you should dress for every occasion whether it be a date with your crush from down the street, a walk in the park with your dog, stalking your favorite celebrity to a zoom meeting.


We invite you to treat yourself as the gods and goddesses that you are. But be warned, you will be showered with compliments, your Monday will never be dull again and you may become addicted to feeling great! We promise we won’t say “I told you so.”


Lastly, you may wonder, well, why Resonance? So, since you asked, we’ll share our secret. Resonance isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it is a piece of jewelry that has been infused with sound*, or, RESONANCE. We discovered that sound, like everything else, is energy and it holds a certain frequency based on intention; the higher the frequency the greater its vibration. We also discovered how to raise the frequency of any metal. So we took our jewelry pieces and raised its vibration to the highest frequency of love and joy, thereby allowing each piece as you wear it to also raise your vibration to match its frequency. We worked with certified energy masters and sound guru to infuse sound therapy into each piece.


We invite you to raise your vibration while remaining fashionably fabulous!




*The practice of Infusing energy and sound is a holistic approach that has been around for centuries. Although it has been shown that sound and energy infusion can have an impact on you for the better, we cannot guarantee this. However, with an open mind and heart to receive this energy, you may experience the benefits of energy infusion that we are referring to.

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